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Introduction - Why Outsourcing?


Outsourcing involves the contracting out of business processes to another party to exploit external resources that are essential for solvency of own company and that maximize effectiveness of company’s performance in comparison to its own.  This definition explains the potential of our company.

The most frequent reasons why companies use outsourcing are as follows:

  • reduction of and monitoring operation costs, which are employment costs and any other costs that it involves
  • eliminating investment risk and categorizing operation risk
  • gaining access to manufacturing capacities on a large scale
  • releasing own capacities for external purposes
  • gaining the resources that are in demand and not at current disposal
  • facing the challenge of tasks that are difficult or impossible to control
  • service costs optimization
  • maximizing safety within the organisation by disseminating its operational structure
  • extending the potential for fulfilling extra orders 
  • focusing on the company’s priorities

-  "If there is something we are not able to do more efficiently, cheaper, and better than the competition it does not make sense to do it, and we should hire somebody who will be better in doing the job than we are". (Henry Ford)